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Commercial Ceilings Decoration Ideas

If one is known to about how to play with ceilings which is suitable with the building design concept then it will develop the impression of space which is unique. This assist people and provide them comfort and happiness to those who got bored with the traditional form of ceilings. Armstrong Commercial Ceilings is mainly influenced by different factors like the elevation of ceiling height, space interior, the concept of building design, size of space, ceiling materials to be used. To assist people in selecting ceiling, you must know about the basic form.

Jones Painting and Carpentry has fame in providing interior and exterior wall paintings. We know about all the forms of ceilings and serve the people with the best solutions. With more than 20 years of long experience we have served many people with our painting skills in Cincinnati, Kentucky (KY) USA. We believe in long lasting solutions and you can see this in our work. Along with Armstrong Commercial Ceilings Painting we also provide corrosion control, filling cracks, fungus prevention, kitchen remodelling, floor coatings, repairing ceilings and bathroom fittings etc.

Armstrong Commercial Ceilings

Let’s have a look on the three basic forms of ceilings:

Provide cadence for the shaped ceiling with murals. You can get a non geometric impression of the house.
Roof truss – Follow its shape
The space below this shape of ceiling looks more ample. In its two types one is Shed (for sloping roof) and other is Cathedral (for triangles roof truss).
Flat or suspended Ceiling
This form of ceiling attaches the mid material or contains a hanging frame. It is generally known as conventional ceiling.
Ceiling Materials
There are various ceiling covering materials available such as glass, bamboo, glass fibre reinforced cement (GRC), wood and gypsum.
Adjust with budget
It is a vital factor while choosing ceilings for your home. Choose the best and budget suitable ceiling form because a complicated ceiling form’s frame structure is also complicated. And this complication level may increase your budget.
Except these factors you also need to consider about colours for Armstrong Commercial Ceilings. Jones Painting and Carpentry provides ceiling colours according to your choice. In this manner you can choose soft colours than white, dark colours for high ceilings and same colour as the wall colour.

Complete range of Architect Painting and Remodeling Services under One Roof

Whenever you think to paint your home and office, you want your dream to come true. You want to see your home and office in best colors and painting theme. A commercial painting contractor helps you to realize your dream with its comprehensive architect designing and painting services. The services include:

  • Top class texture coatings – Spray-On, Roll-On, Trowel-On & Membrane coatings
  • Internal & external architectural finishing – enamels, acrylics, staining & polyurethane finishing.
  • Wall coverings – foils, fabrics, commercial vinyls etc
  • Anti pollution & anti graffiti coatings
  • Spray painting – HVLP (finer detailed areas), Airless Spray (large volume areas) & Conventional Spray (furniture)
  • Armstrong Commercial Ceilings renovation
  • Historical Restorations
  • Floor Coatings – epoxies and polyurethane coating
  • Sign making, Line marking & Fire Exit identification
  • Artistic & Decorative painting
  • Corrosion control – Structural steel painting, Lead encapsulation
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Intusmescent & Fire Retardant Coatings

Scope for a Commercial Painting Contractor

It is not easy to paint a house alone. The house owner would require a large number of painting equipment and help of skilled workers too. Painting tools does not include only painting brushes but also a large number of safety equipment. You need staircase to reach to the top of walls and ceilings, ropes to paint on exteriors walls at high altitude, trolleys to reach to exterior walls of top-level floors, safety helmet and other tools. You also need workers to remove items from interior rooms and perform the painting job. The workers need to be expert painters too. Even if you are capable to arrange all these things, it takes a lot of planning, time and investment.

Armstrong Commercial Ceilings painting

Benefits of Professional Service:

Cost Saving: The biggest advantage is that you save a lot of cost by taking professional help. You do not have to spend money on buying necessary painting tools and hiring skilled workers.

Selecting best painting theme: Expert architect designers and painters help you to select a painting theme for your building from a huge collection of painting designs and patterns. You can select a single color or combination of more colors to paint your house in an attractive way. You can select a French style painting pattern or a nature inspired painting theme for interior and exterior walls.

Paint Quality: Experienced painters select top quality paints for your house or office that retains their magnetic charm for a long time. They mix necessary additives to paint to elongate the painting effect.