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Painting My House Exterior

Painting My House Exterior


Painting My House Exterior in Cincinnati, KY

Are you looking for the best ways to paint your house exterior with an gorgeous finish that would not make your house look tacky and will coat it perfectly to stay strong in the changing harsh environment? At Jones Painting and Carpentry, we will assist you in professional painting that would ensure a smooth finish and enhance the beauty quotient of your house in Cincinnati, Northern KY (Kentucky). Painting my house exterior is an easy job if you follow the right steps.


Look Out The Best Ways For Painting Your House Exterior

  • Get the tools right and prepare the place

Before you start with the painting it is essential that you collect the right tools that you are going to require during the process and clear the place of all the stuff that might get spoiled with paint. You can remove all the outdoor furniture or cover them with a cloth. Before you start off to paint remember to fix the place by looking out for abrasions and filling out the holes. Your painting paraphernalia would comprise of a brush or a roller that would fasten the process. You need to apply a primer coat on your exterior and after it dries you can start with the actual painting procedure. Even after making sure that the paint is thoroughly mixed you can stir it occasionally to maintain its consistency.

  • How to paint using a brush or a roller

When using a paint brush, dip one third of the bristles into the paint and make sure to remove the extra dripping paint. Taking care not to remove too much paint from the brush, you can apply long and smooth strokes on the surface from your paint brush. Apply the paint copiously with two or three coats making sure that you do it evenly and restrain yourself from excessive brushing that might damage the finish of the paint.

When using a roller you can try the same procedure by loading it with paint and then rolling it back

and forth with even strokes to have the perfect look. Remember to paint the trims of the exterior in the end with a brush that would complete your work.