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Smart Tips for Wall Painting: Assign a Wonderful look to Your Building

When you think to re-paint your house or office, you get opportunity to renovate your building completely. What you need to do is to pay some more dedication on painting work. When you take help of a commercial painting contractor, everything becomes easy for you. By following some wonderful tips, you can paint your house to offer an attractive new look. Try to implement an interior design inspiration or a painting theme and paint your house and office according to the selected theme to obtain a wonderful painted architecture. This blog aims to provide you some great tips on interior and exterior painting of walls.

Interior and Exterior Painting in ohio


Wall Painting Tips:

Select a Painting theme: Select a painting theme for exterior walls, interior walls, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and kids room. Painting themes may differ from one room to another. The Commercial painting contractors have wonderful collection of painting themes. You can choose nature inspired theme, French style theme, Design theme, Cartoon theme etc for wall painting of your home. You can select a painting theme according to construction and structure of your building.

Prepare the wall surface for painting: Preparing walls for painting is an important step in which you must repair every hole and crack present on your walls to obtain a smooth surface. Scraping the wall surface is an important task that helps colors to adhere on the walls for a long time.

Apply primer on walls: It is necessary to apply primer on walls and ceilings if you want to protect the luster of costly paints for a long time. Primer helps in adhering paints to the walls and reduces blisters and ruptures of painting. Experienced painters will often tint the primer toward the finished color by mixing a small amount of topcoat paint into the primer. This trick is useful in hiding the primed surface under top painting. You can either use a dedicated primer or use paints containing primers.

Selection of colors: You can use a gamut of colors according to selected painting theme. You can apply uniform colors in certain sections whereas complimentary colors in other sections to create a contrast. You can choose different colors for different rooms according to painting themes. For example, in kids room, you can paint cartoons using vibrant colors and create a dream like impression.

Use best quality paints: If you want to retain the luster of house or office paintings for a long time, you must use best quality paints. Top quality paints retain their shine amidst worst weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, extreme heat and snow fall. Binders are important components of top quality paints that help the paint to stick strongly with the walls. Some additives in paint are necessary as they preserve the luster of paints and prevent growing of moulds and other pests on your walls.

Arrange other necessary tools: You need many tools to transform your painting ideas into reality. The necessary painting tools are high quality brushes, stepladder, extension pole and painting buckets. You may require ropes and elevator if your building is multi-storied and you need painting my house exterior walls at high-level floors.

Exterior Look For Your Home painting

When you take help of commercial painting contractors or professional painting companies, you get relief from all these headaches. A professional painting company is supplied with all the necessary painting tools and materials and they have expert professionals to complete the painting task. They also help you in selecting a painting theme and top quality paints.

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